delightful delicious charcuterie

We create delightfully delicious charcuterie boxes and tables for any event! We can customize crackers, marshmallows or more with your company logo and make your event


What We Do

graze boxes for any occasion

Open Charcuterie Box

customize crackers, marshmallows and more

graze tables for weddings, parties & company events

Charcuterie Selections Available

graze box 1 graze box 2 graze box 3 graze box open 1 graze box open 2 graze box 4 graze box open 5 graze box close up 1 graze box 5 graze box open 6 graze box open 7 graze box charcuterie sample 1 graze box close up 2 graze box charcuterie sample 2 graze box charcuterie sample 3
full graze table 1 full graze table 2 full graze table 3 graze table cheese (apricot goat) graze table cheeses (blueberry goat/merlot) graze table berries graze table olives graze table cheeses (manchego/havarti dill) graze table cheeses (apricot goat/brie) graze table lime cups graze table lime cup close up graze table breads